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A Note on SBI Card IPO

Two #trending topics relating to stock markets are SBI Card IPO and the sell-off due to Coronavirus. #SBICard At the end of day 2, the IPO is 80% subscribed and the retail portion is fully subscribed. (source) The IPO is priced at Rs 755 at the upper band and the company plans to raise around [...]

Since the start of this year, Conoravirus is in news and has claimed a little over 2,900 lives majorly in China. The virus is now spreading in other countries at a very fast pace. The countries which are impacted the most after China are Iran, Italy, and South Korea. Till now over 60 countries have [...]

There is no substitute of reading the whole book. Sometimes I am very lazy and tend to read book summaries.The most famous books in finance and value investing are written by Ben Graham.Here are summary notes for both these books. These are the interesting summaries I stumbled upon while surfing.The Intelligent Investor (summary pdf)Security Analysis [...]

Here is an interesting list which I came across today on twitter. Stocks that have given at least 10x returns in the last 10 years. Though this is empirical list its interesting to study how they grew several folds in just one decade. A lot of well known names can be found in the below [...]

Stock markets during war times?

Stock markets and war news are positively co-related. The war news pushes the markets down. But the dip depends on how crucial and strong the countries are. US fighting Taliban in Afghanistan didn’t have a huge impact on global markets. While collapse of world trade center did. US and Iran war can cause of lot [...]

Since we talk about bargain deals I thought we should also talk abut the bargain deals which are currently available on several portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc. Reports have come in that OnePlus has garnered 500 crores in revenues in just first 2 days of Amazon great Indian shopping festival. Do you remeber someone [...]

Fed, Tesla and Gold

I will try and write a few learning and news based on current economical, political and business events.  Tesla doesn’t make its own batteries. Batteries are very difficult to make at competitive prices. They buy from Panasonic. Now they have opened up a factory – Gigafactory to serve this purpose. Gold prices were steady in [...]

Cars per 1000 people in India

Everyone is reporting a slowdown in auto sector and that’s the fact. The industry has slown down. But here is an opportunity! Opportunity in Auto sector and Infra/ Cements as well. Check out the below stat from World Bank (source – Spectator Index) Cars per 1,000 people. US: 837 Australia: 747 Italy: 695 Canada: 670 [...]

Let’s start with a couple of random fact. Do you know that China consumed more cement between 2011 and 2013 than the United States did in the entire 20th century. China produces more cement than rest of the world combined. In 2017, China produced a total of 2.4 billion metric tons of cement while the [...]

Today I recieved a WhatsApp forward of stocks that were once favourite among trading community and now are finding no buyers. *List of HERO TO ZERO Stock* 1. Reliance Infra – 2500 > 42.70 2. Rel Capital – 2924 > 62 3. Rel Power – 430 > 4.15 4. R COM – 800 > 1.45 [...]