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Hello, guys its been a very long time since I have written here. I intend to write at least once a week. You can expect the articles every Sunday from now onwards.  Let’s get back to the topic. So people find it difficult to digest and follow simple money advice. How many of you have [...]

Apple Inc. become the second company in the world whos market captalization has corssed 2 trillion usd, the first to cross this mark was Saudi Aramco. Million has 6 zeros. Billion has 9 zeros. Trillion has 12 zeros. Thats how big Apple Inc. is. Lets take another context. See the chart below its from Wikipedia. [...]

In the last 25 years, a lot has changed and most of it for the better. The Indian stock markets too have given superb returns over this period. Here is an interesting chart of Sensex over a period of time. The chart came in a newsletter by Groww. The chart explains how the returns have [...]

Ruchi Soya has been in news for all good reasons! The stock has rallied over several thousand % points since Feb 2020. The closing price on 1st Feb 2020 was Rs 21.55 and the closing price on  26th June 2020 was Rs 1519.65. Check out the mind-boggling chart below. Let’s discuss how they got here [...]

A mutual fund is a type of professionally managed collective investment scheme that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. Oh, I almost forgot to ask “did you read my previous post on the best investment options available in India?” If not, I highly recommend you check that out first. Let’s continue….  These investors [...]

Is Globalization dead?

A lot of US-based companies want to leave China and want to relocate their manufacturing to other Asian countries especially India and Vietnam. Why? Companies have now realized that they cannot just be dependent on one country for their production needs. This has resulted in a lot of companies to rethink of relocating. A lot [...]

I did a google search “meaning of investment” and this is the meaning as per the Dictionary – “the action or process of investing money for profit.” The word profit is the key-word here. All investment process is done to make a profit. Investments carry a substantial amount of known and unknown risk and on [...]

*Updated on 26th May 2020 Reliance industries is making news almost every week these days. It first managed to get Facebook in Reliance Jio where FB acquired a 9.99% stake in its telecom vertical. In the last three weeks Reliance Jio has made 3 separate funding announcements: Rs 43,574 crores from Facebook at an enterprise [...]

Facebook has bought a minority stake of little below 10% in Reliance Jio earlier today for Rupees 43,574 crores (roughly 5.7 billion USD). With a population of over 1.3 billion people, a lot of companies would want to enter India. Facebook is no exception! For Facebook, India is one of the largest markets when it [...]

An interesting chart gives an idea of how things might turn out to be in the near future. The race to search for medicine for the coronavirus is still on and experts say it would be 2021 when the medicine for the virus would be ready to use for general consumption. As of now the [...]