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Online bargain deals – the big billion days, Samsung, OnePlus and Apple

Since we talk about bargain deals I thought we should also talk abut the bargain deals which are currently available on several portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc.

Reports have come in that OnePlus has garnered 500 crores in revenues in just first 2 days of Amazon great Indian shopping festival. Do you remeber someone said people are not buying RS 5 biscuits but yes they are buying RS 50,000 phone!

I got a whatsapp forward – if you buy stuff online you might save 50%, but if you dont open these apps you might save 100%! Strange but true.

I’ll be honest I did buy a few things.

Samsung has finally decided to expand its production facility in India after it announced its shutting down its manufacturing unit in China. It was facing stiff competition from the local Chinese brands.

Samsungs market share in China was 15% in 2013-14. It’s now just about 1%.

I feel the company in India should focus on sub RS 10,000 phones with good features to gain a bigger market share.

Also the new corporate tax laws might benefit the company to a certain extent.

Currently Samsung has the largest mobile phone manufacturing plant in India which is located in Noida, UP.

Did you know that the economy of Bangladesh is growing at a fastest rate amoung all Asian countries. It’s currently growing at 7.3 percent and their FM has projected that they will grow in double digits in the next 5 years.

The below tweet explains the importance of branding and the importance of a great product:

Market value.

Ford: $36 billion
General Motors: $53 billion
Nike: $115 billion
IBM: $126 billion
Boeing: $215 billion

Apple’s cash reserves: $225 billion (source – @spectatorindex)

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