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Fed, Tesla and Gold

I will try and write a few learning and news based on current economical, political and business events. 

Tesla doesn’t make its own batteries. Batteries are very difficult to make at competitive prices. They buy from Panasonic. Now they have opened up a factory – Gigafactory to serve this purpose.

Gold prices were steady in international market on 18th but corrected at MCX due to 1 percent gain in rupee. (They are inversely related. Gain in rupee means rupee becoming strong against dollar. This was mainly due to Fed rate hike of 25 bps. So rupee can buy more gold agains dollar hence the a drop in price.) On 19th the gold in international market slipped below 1500 USD.

Probably to get re-elected Trump tweeted that FED should make interest rate at zero so that Americans can re finance their debt and spend on more things. As per him this will boost the economy. Fed did curt the interest rate by 25 bps. The US interest rate now stands at 2 percent.

Top textiles exporters, 2018. ($ billion)

China: 110
European Union: 69
India: 17
United States: 14
Turkey: 11
South Korea: 10
Taiwan: 9
Pakistan: 8
Hong Kong: 8
Vietnam: 7

(World Trade Organisation) (List from Spectator Index)

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