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2021 – What a year it was!

2021 was crazy. It was a rollercoaster ride. People expected the pandemic to get over but it was far from over and we saw a panic situation in India and many other countries.

India especially saw the worst things happening in the second covid wave. But luckily vaccination was started and covid started to ease out. But it seems it’s not over yet. As I write cases in Mumbai have started to rise again, this is from the last previous 5 days trend.

From a markets perspective, the returns were good. NIFTY gave approximately 22.5% returns last year.

We saw a record number of DEMAT accounts opening up.

Cryptocurrencies gave super normal returns.

We also saw a lot many IPO’s coming up and raising money.

A lot many Indian companies became unicorns.

2022 is going to be challenging from a markets perspective as inflation worries, FED policies,  Omicron worry, and many more things. Will cover these soon.

However, one important point to note here is that many experts have pointed out that Indian stock markets will give a range bounded returns and they don’t expect a sudden up move like we have seen in the last 18 months or so.

I intended to be more active this year on this blog, Twitter and Instagram as well.

Last year I posted on 30 days to improve your financial life. If you haven’t checked it yet give it a shot I am sure you might find it as a value add.

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