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2 Trillion $ giant Apple (Some numbers)

Apple Inc. become the second company in the world whos market captalization has corssed 2 trillion usd, the first to cross this mark was Saudi Aramco.

Million has 6 zeros.
Billion has 9 zeros.
Trillion has 12 zeros.

Thats how big Apple Inc. is.

Lets take another context.

See the chart below its from Wikipedia. It shows the Nominal GDP of 10 largest economies/ contries. So only 8 countries in the world have a Nominal GDP which is greater than market cap of Apple.

Another context is all listed comapnies on BSE are values just over 2 trillion $, ~2.07 trillion $.

  • Reliance Industries market cap is ~6% of India’s GDP.
  • Apple Inc. market cap is ~10% of US GDP

Share price of Apple in the last one year –

Apple stock price in last 1 year | Img source – Google finance

Amazon might be next US based company to reach this mark. Its current market cap is 1.65 trillion usd.

An interesting piece of article I had read earlier last week on LinkedIn of who is to be credited for this massive success of Apple. Do you know who?

Short answer – Luca Maestri 

Long answer –

Which Indian comapny do you think has this kind of potential? 

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